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Visit to the estate

In the heart of an unusual natural site
Walks and wine tours
Massif de la Clape

Escape to a 1000 hectare estate in the middle of a protected natural site

Located on the Occitan coast, just a few minutes from Narbonne, the Domaine de l'Hospitalet is a wine estate of 1000 hectares of protected Mediterranean scrubland and forest, and 82 hectares of vines in one piece, nestled in the heart of a preserved natural area: the Massif de la Clape.

This former island, connected to the mainland in the 14th century following the accumulation of alluvial deposits from the Aude, benefits from an extraordinary topography, geology and environment.

Thanks to its great ecological and heritage value, the Massif de la Clape is a protected site. Indeed, the massif is listed as a Sensitive Natural Area and is part of the Natura 2000 network, a label that protects a unique site with exceptional flora and fauna.

An ideal place to get closer to nature, the Hospitalet estate, with its exceptional setting and Mediterranean climate, is one of the most beautiful vineyards in the Pays d'oc.

gastronomic restaurant in the heart of a natural site - restaurant l'art de vivre château de l'hospitalet narbonne

Detailed description of the visits

Our guided tours will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the place and to discover the richness of the Languedoc soil.


The grand tour of the Castle...

on foot

Escape for a moment of visits and oenological tastings in the middle of the vineyards, for a weekend or a stay, to discover the vineyards of Occitania.


The grand tour of the Domaine...

in an electric All Terrain Scooter

During your oenological stay to discover the wines of Occitania, you will have the opportunity to escape during our visit of the Domain in electric scooter.

gastronomic restaurant in the heart of a natural site - restaurant l'art de vivre château de l'hospitalet narbonne

A wine escapade in a Biodynamic vineyard

A pioneer in the conception of biodynamically grown wine, Château l'Hospitalet is an outstanding wine estate.

Gérard Bertrand, the owner, has always been concerned about the preservation of the environment. For his estate, he wants to take care of the land, not exploit it. He has thus found in biodynamics much more than a method of cultivation: a philosophy of life.

Gérard Bertrand is very attached to the terroirs and particularly to Occitania, and thus affirms that wine should not taste of something, it should taste of somewhere.

This son of a winegrower discovered the joys of harvesting and working in the vineyard at an early age. He learned better than anyone that the vine is a reflection of its environment and that it is essential to take care of the land if you want to obtain a great wine.

Biodynamics is a desire to return to a natural method of cultivation that is even more advanced than organic agriculture.

Based on the writings of Rudolf Steiner, biodynamics sees the earth as a linked whole. Soil, plants and the animal world are part of a "whole".

Of course, no synthetic products are used in biodynamic farming (fertilisers or pesticides).

Man works to strengthen the soil, creating a maximum of life in the soil (microflora, microfauna, bacteria, fungi, etc.). The cultivated plant thus finds itself at the heart of a balanced environment.

In biodynamics, all the cultivation methods are natural (moderate tillage, green manure, composting of organic matter, etc.). All strata of the living world are taken into account, from the microbial life of the soil to the influence of the planets.

This method of cultivation, in which the winegrower is a "peasant" and not a "farmer" of the land, combined with the geographical position and the ideal climatic conditions for the vine, make Château l'Hospitalet a unique wine estate in France.

gastronomic restaurant in the heart of a natural site - restaurant l'art de vivre château de l'hospitalet narbonne